Read-A-Thon…Wrap up for Parents

Dear Adam Beck Parents: 

The Read-a-Thon is wrapping up for another year! Thank you to all who took the time to supervise all the reading, initial reading logs and a VERY big thanks to those who took the time to double check addition. Once again the students of Adam Beck have left me in awe of their reading dedication, neat printing of many, many amazing book titles, and their work at doing the math as well. It was a lot of great work that all should be proud of.

Please find attached the list of names of those who won first and second prize for their classrooms. I am also excited to announce the class that won the Dassios Cup was Room 10, grades 5/6 under Mr. Ilias. Second place was Room 10, grades 5/6 with Mme Bettas, third place went to the grade 4s in P1 under Mme Charest, and in fourth place this year was Room 19, grades 2/3 in Mme Zaimi’s class.

Also attached is the list of students who earned a spot in the 1,000+ Minutes Club. The winner of the 1,000+ Minute Club this year was Connor B. from Room 15 who read an astounding 10,500 minutes. In second place, also reading a blistering 6,265 minutes from Mme Bettas’ Room 10 was Sienna CD.

I have kept track of statistics since I took over the Read-a-Thon in 2017 and am very amazed to report some year-over-year information. Each year there has been about the same number of participants – around 350. But since 2017 there has been a 60% increase in the total number of minutes read throughout the school, a 62% increase in the average minutes per reader, and an astounding 96% increase in the number of students who earned a spot in the 1,000+ Minutes Club! Wow!! I don’t know if the numbers will keep increasing at this pace but it does give me some pretty solid feedback that our kids love to read and they love to compete in the Read-a-Thon.

Thank you also goes out to Kate Mills, Anne-Marie Williams, and Karen McMullin for helping tally the classroom logs. That was a great help.

Until next winter, happy reading!
Michelle Lavoie
Head Bookworm Parent Volunteer

Attachments: 1000+ Club 2019, 2019 Read-A-Thon Class Winners, and Year-Over-Year Read-A-Thon Analysis