Everyone agrees that getting kids to read is a great thing: literacy skills are the foundation of a strong education and are critical to success in school and in life.

The Adam Beck Read-a-Thon is a fun and rewarding program that helps students grow a love of reading by engaging them in a friendly reading competition. Students read their favorite books, keep track of the minutes spent reading every day – in class, at home, or elsewhere – and submit their log at the end of the program.

Mark the upcoming dates of Read-a-Thon from our Calendar, and read the most recent announcements about the Read-a-Thon.

Get ready to read!

All students can take part in Read-a-Thon. The reading goals for the duration of the program are:

  • JK/SK: 150 minutes
  • Grades 1-3: 300 minutes
  • Grades 4-5: 450 minutes

Download a copy of the reading log.

As role models to their students, teachers can join the Teacher Challenge and help the reading efforts of their class.

Did you know…In 2017:

  • 353 out of 503 students, or 70% of Adam Beck students submitted reading logs

  • Students read a cumulative total of 229,770 minutes or 3,829.5 hours

  • Over 50 students read 1000 minutes or more joining the Super Readers +1,000 Minute Club

The Read-a-Thon Door Hanger Design Contest

The program also nurtures students’ creative spirit by inviting them to participate in a competition to design the Read-a-Thon Door Hanger, a fun take away about the love of reading. The winning design of will be printed on over 500 door hangers that each student will receive.

There are prizes to be won!

All students who submit a reading log will be acknowledged for their participation in the Read-a-Thon.

Prizes are awarded to: all students who meet the read-a-thon goal minutes, the students who read most and second most minutes in each class, the student who reads the most minutes in the entire school, the class that reads most minutes, as well as to the student who wins the door hanger design contest.

The coveted Dassios Cup – named in recognition of the efforts of Gianna Dassios, a librarian and technology teacher at Adam Beck, now retired – will go to the student who reads most minutes in the entire school. Last year Ms. Dassios herself awarded the cup!

How can parents help?

Encourage your child(ren) to participate in the challenge, make sure they diligently read and record their reading time in the reading log provided. Help your children with adding up their reading minutes (or verify their addition skills) and make sure they submit the reading log in time.


To make this event happen, the organizing committee needs volunteers to:

  • Door Hanger Design Contest: distribute of entries, review and judge submissions, order door hangers;
  • Read-a-Thon: distribute forms and door hangers, tally entries in the competition and determine the winners, order and distribute awards (books, medals, trophies).


Read-a-Thon Committee: