Pizza Lunch

Pizza Lunch is a popular school council fundraiser that happens once a month on a Wednesday. On pizza lunch days, students get to have one of their favorite foods for lunch AND spend lunch time in their classroom! Not to mention it is a day when parents don’t have to pack a lunch (yey!).

All students from JK to grade 6 can participate in Pizza Lunch. Ordering  is easy and can be done online using Munchalunch (more details below).

Upcoming pizza lunch dates

Check school council’s calendar for the next pizza lunch dates

How it works

Parents can order once for the whole school year or can pick select dates. You can pay for the whole year, or by term (fall, winter, or spring), or month-to-month. The important thing is that ordering online is the only way your child can be included in the Pizza Lunch.

Payment methods include credit card, cash or cheque (made payable to Adam Beck School Council).

If you pay by credit card, please pay for a minimum of three lunches (each transaction has a fee, which is borne by the Pizza Lunch program).

Should you choose to pay for each lunch as you go, we kindly ask that you pay by cash or cheque. Please send the payment to the school office in an envelope clearly marked with your order number and child’s name.

We try to ensure this event is inclusive of all interested children. Dairy-free and gluten-free pizza options are available. If the cost of pizza lunch is prohibitive, please contact the school principal or the Pizza Lunch Committee in full confidence, and we will do our best to ensure your child is included.

First-time users

If you are new to Adam Beck, go to Munchalunch and click on “Register Here”.

Returning users

If you set up a Munchalunch parent account last year, all of your details will still be in the system. Simply visit Munchalunch and click on the “Login Here” button. If you have forgotten your password, choose “Forgot Password.”

When you first login, you will see the message “Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year, please update your child’s grade/teacher/div BEFORE ordering”.

If you had a credit on your account from last school year, this will have been carried over to this year and will automatically be applied to your balance.

If you had an unpaid balance, this has also been carried over.

How to order

Pizza choices include cheese or pepperoni. Gluten-free and dairy-free pizza are also available. Each order comes with a 100% juice box.

To place an order you must first choose “CHEESE (or pepperoni, gluten free etc.) PIZZA (1 SLICE) WITH A DRINK” and then add additional slices. Only one drink is provided and it is included in the $3.75 price for the first slice.

Orders can be placed until midnight of the day before Pizza Lunch.

For those without Internet access, a paper order form can be requested by contacting the school office or the Pizza Lunch Committee and sent home with your child.

If your child is ill on a Pizza Lunch date, you are welcome to come and pick up their pizza slices, but we cannot keep the food for them for the next day.

Consistent with previous years, there are no refunds, as this is an Adam Beck fundraiser. If you let us know in advance of Pizza Lunch that your order needs to be cancelled, however, a credit will be applied to your account.


We are always in need of volunteers! Pizza Lunch is held in the classrooms and at least two parent volunteers are needed to distribute pizza and supervise the students in each room.

To volunteer, go to the Volunteer tab on Munchalunch and select the dates that you are available. You do not have to commit all at once! To add or remove dates, simply go back into your account and change your previous selections. We will contact volunteers with more information on the weekend before each Pizza Lunch day.

Police Reference Checks (PRC)

To be a Pizza Lunch volunteer, all parents/guardians must have a police reference check.

For new parents and those without clearances, forms can be picked up at the school office, or we can arrange for a form to be sent home with your child if you email the Pizza Lunch Committee with your child’s details.

Returning volunteers who have already received a PRC should contact the school office to verify if they need to do the online declaration that needs to be completed each year to keep the PRC valid.

Recent Pizza Lunch announcements

If you have any questions or encounter any difficulties with your order,  please contact the Pizza Lunch Committee: or (both emails go to the same place!).