School Council enables enrichment programs that expose our children to diverse experiences. The funds raised by Adam Beck school council are used to enhance the school program and support school initiatives.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)

The council raised funds for the purchase of Dash and Dot robots and accessories, chess sets and the launch of a Lego Robotics club. The council also supported bringing the Scientists in School program to Adam Beck.

New this year, we will have volunteers from UofT’s Let’s Talk Science bring some very cool hands-on activities to the classrooms.

Funds raised were used to purchase iPads, interactive wall-mount whiteboards for the classrooms,  and laptop and desktop computers, document cameras, printers and others.

The council also supported the grade 6 legacy project developed with Filmberries, where grade 6 students create a keepsake that is focused around film technology. This STEM project is very important for grade 6 students. They learn to use technology and have a meaningful reflection of their time at Adam Beck.


The council funded the visiting artists and the kindergartners’ visit to Cobalt Gallery and their art holiday project.

New this year, the Council contributes funds to the Faces of our Adam Beck Community, offered in collaboration with Inner City Angels, kindergarten arts projects, as well as integrated arts support.

Funds raised were used to to buy musical instruments (new this past year, xylophones!),  music sheets for the choir, and pay for repairs of musical instruments.


School council makes possible the ever-popular Read-a-thon. Funds raised were used to purchase numerous books for the library and the class.

Phys Ed

The council covered the costs for equipment for phys ed classes, Junglesport (new this year), ice rental for two hockey tryouts, and the very loved recess bags.

Community support

The activities supported by the Council that are having an impact in our community (and benefiting our students) include: the Adopt-a-Family , the grade 6 Ottawa trip and graduation ceremonies, the Rendez-Vous Café, the Holiday Party, the Eco Club, the Adam Beck gardens (including the learning garden, junior garden, front garden and edible garden), the bereavement club, the semiannual staff appreciation events, etc.