Fundraising is a key way for school council to support the education of Adam Beck students. The funds raised by school council provide for many important initiatives that enrich all of our children’s educational experience at Adam Beck that the school might not otherwise be able to run.

Every year, school council contributes $50-60K to these programs.

How does school council raise funds?

School council holds fundraisers throughout the year, such as Mayfair, Pizza Lunch, Movie Night, Night on the Beach.  In addition, school council partners with companies like Mabel’s Labels or FundScrip through which a part of the sale proceeds is donated to school council. School council also applies for grants available for student enrichment.

All proceeds support the school council initiatives. Donations are used to benefit teaching, learning and enrich the Adam Beck experience. Funds are also used to support the broader community through programs like Adopt-a-Family.

How is the budget of school council developed?

The school council budget is developed by the budget committee. Budget committee members are members of the school council executive who attend 70% or more of the meetings of the executive (in 2017-2018 this means 5 out of 6 meetings). The executive may extend invitations to parents’ subject to parent’s interest and high attendance rate of school council meetings. The school principal attends budget committee meetings.

  • March: the committee, led by the Treasurer, invites and receives proposals from parents and teachers for new initiatives and events for the school.
  • May: the committee meets to review each proposal and evaluate whether it should be allocated funds for the following year. The school principal works closely with the committee to ensure funding is slated for high priority needs and does not duplicate funding that is already captured in the school’s annual budget.
  • June: the draft school council budget for the next school year is approved.
  • September: the committee brings forward the final budget draft for approval by the new school council executive.
  • Throughout the year: school council executive members provide updates on funds raised and expenditures for the events they lead.
What kinds of things do the funds raised by school council support?

In past years, funds raised by school council have provided for technology (like SMART Boards in our classrooms, Dash and Dot robots, iPads, Lego robotics components); programs like Scientist in the School, Visiting Artists, new musical instruments and repairs, Adam Beck garden projects, the ECO club, recess bags (sports equipment and games that students use to play during recess), ice rink time for hockey try-outs and free family skate time, and many more initiatives.

Thank you to all donors who make these programs possible; on behalf of all our students and teachers, we appreciate your continuous support of our school. Please get involved and consider lending your time, talent and treasure in any way that you are able – Adam Beck needs you!

How can I find out more about school council fundraising?

We encourage you to join the next meeting of the school council, consult past minutes of the meetings or review the annual budget of school council.

All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend all school council meetings where we discuss upcoming fundraising events and school initiatives.

How funds are raised and allocated to benefit our children

Please consult the 2017-2018 school council budget.