Classroom Representatives

The classroom representative is a parent who has a child in the class, who’s role is to communicate grade specific council information to parents in that class, while also bringing ideas, messages and concerns back to council.

Anyone can be a classroom rep – previous council experience is not required!  Classroom reps are not expected to be a Council expert, they are just a resourceful parent in the class.

Classroom Representative Responsibilities:

  • Take information provided by the lead classroom rep(s) and disseminate to parents in your classroom via the teacher. Examples include:
    • Pizza lunch volunteers required for your class
    • Dream basket ideas/coordination for your class
    • Artist visit is coming to your class
  • Seek feedback from parents on initiatives and events and provide that feedback to council. Examples include:
    • Send feedback/photos of artist or STEM visits to your classroom
    • Feedback on communication or execution about council events
  • Answer council related questions for parents (reps don’t necessarily have the answer, the Lead Classroom Rep is there to help!). Examples include:
    • How do I buy Marlies tickets?
    • What’s the next spirit day?
    • Why are we doing another fundraiser?
    • How do I buy Adam Beck clothing?

Classroom reps do not have access to classroom email lists – they will leverage tools already in place by the teacher (class calendars, newsletters, websites, etc.).

The role of the classroom reps does not include issue between parents and teachers/school administration. Parent should refer to the Parent Concern Protocol for issue resolution.

Email: [email protected]