Have Your Say

As a continuation of the eco team’s efforts to reduce Adam Beck’s single use plastics last year, Sean Hurley, Project Lead, Waste Management Services from the city asked us to be sure to encourage parents and students in our community to take part in the final round of consultations on reducing Toronto’s single use plastics. It is taking place this Fall from September 24 to November 4. Families can participate at this link here: https://mailchi.mp/toronto/hav e-your-say-on-approaches-to- reduce-single-use-and-takeaway -items?e=a6ac5cd075

Adam Beck is also planning on participating in the global climate strike on September 27 so that parents can join us at 12:45 for our community march. This children’s movement to stop global warming is the defining moment of our time. It is an essential way for students to feel some power and control about all the negative news they hear everyday.  It makes their curriculum on language, government and energy have real relevance.

TDSB Possible Student Participation

Student Climate Action Week Presentation (Junior)

Endangered Animals Slideshow

A neat graphic about global temperatures which is a hard concept to grasp:

https://www.fridaysforfuture.o rg/earth-temp-timeline