Adam Beck Eco Team

To maintain an Eco school certification a school must demonstrate a strong commitment to helping the environment in their school community, their neighborhood and beyond.

Adam Beck has achieved the highest Eco rating possible and has maintained it for two years.

Cool right?

Adam Beck Scores:

2016/17 – GOLD (87.6)

2017/18 – PLATINUM  (92.4)

2018/19 – PLATINUM  (94.6)

How single use plastics have a negative impact on the Environment

Whether you’re using a plastic bottle, a styrofoam container, plastic utensils, or a plastic straw, single use plastics are extremely harmful to the environment. For example since only 9% of single use plastic is recycled the rest of it ends up in landfills, in the ocean, or waterways. When plastic ends up in our oceans or waterways, many animals will mistake a piece of plastic as their prey, therefore the animal will eat the piece of plastic. When a animal eats plastic it gets stuck in their stomach and they won’t be able to eat anything else which causes the animal to starve to death.

Plastic can take thousands of years to decompose, in the meantime (while it’s sitting in the ocean) it will contaminate the surrounding water. Also if plastic is around a marine animal for a long enough period of time, the toxins from the plastic will seep into the marine animals body tissue. This also affects the human food chain since many humans eat fish.

In the coming weeks we will post hints and tips from the AB Eco Team that will help all of us become champions for our environment.

For more information about the amazing work our eco team has done to protect our environment, have a look at this great presentation.

Please let us know about all the great things you and your family have been doing to reduce single use Plastics in your home. Send us an email at and share your story!

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