Volunteer Signup – Night on the Upper Beach

Thank you to everyone who has procured NOTUB silent auction items and sponsors so THANK YOU! Tickets are still available for purchase via School Cash Online, for $30 each.  We have a number of open spots for volunteering on the night of… click here to sign up.

Summary of duties – each has a specific 1-hour time slot(s) available. Everything you need, including training, will be provided!

Volunteer – Door

-Check-off attendees as they arrive in the vestibule outside the gym. May require using float or Square mobile payment (app to download on your phone). May also sell bar tickets.

Selling Bar Tickets

-Sell bar tickets at a table within the event (likely near the bar). Requires using float and Square mobile payment (app to download on your phone).

Prep and Put out food

-Put out cold foods and replenish as needed, as well as use kitchen oven to bake frozen hors d’oeuvres and put them out.

Close off Silent Auction

-Highlight winner of each item, direct winners how to pay for their item, check that payment has made in order for winner to claim item.

Take Payment for Silent Auction

-Using Square mobile payment (app to download on your phone) or cash, take payment from winners of silent auction items and provide receipts.

Clean-up Crew

-Exactly what it sounds like J

Questions? Email night.on.the.beach@adambeckcouncil.ca