Winter Concerts – Dec 20 – Important Info

DROP OFF & PICK UP– As per the note circulated to all families by Mr. Yee, the school will open at 6 p.m. for drop off of Primary students.  Please take your Primary Choir singer to their classroom where they will leave their jackets and boots, and then walk them down to the Arts Studio where the choir will gather to perform.  At the conclusion of the Winter Primary Concert, all singers will be available to be picked up from their homerooms (not the studio).  (PLEASE NOTE: If your child is in Room 11 or Portable 2, I will be e-mailing you separately about how supervision is being arranged for your singers for that night.)

DRESS CODE – All Primary Choir singers are being asked to wear plain, black bottoms and a nice white top for the concert (short sleeved tops are appropriate if the weather allows, as the gym can sometimes get warm).  All choir singers will be given a blue choir vest to wear just for the choir performance, so if the white top has some kind of logo on the front, it will still work as it will be covered.  I hope this dress code is easily achievable for all students with what is already in their wardrobe.  If meeting this dress code provides a major challenge, please don’t hesitate to contact me.  
REHEARSING –Your young singer been working hard to learn some very challenging and rewarding repertoire this term.  All singers received bright, blue lyric sheets this week to take home to practice with and for memorization.  Please encourage your singer to keep practicing each day for the next week!  One of our songs, “Songs for Peace / Dona Nobis Pacem” is quite challenging.  I have attached an audio file of me singing the song for singers to practice along with.  If you could play it from a computer (or some other device) for them to practice along with, that would be greatly appreciated.  

Many thanks for your ongoing support of your singer and our arts program here at Adam Beck.  The concert is shaping up to really be something special – I know we all can’t wait to share it with you next week!

See you on Thurs.!


~Adam Mason