Menu Opened/Hot Lunch Update

Written by:  Melanie Zettler:  Thursday, Dec 20 is the final Hot Lunch of the year but ordering is now OPEN for the first block of 2019!  Some reminders and updates:

-due to feedback from the Eco-Team, RR Catering no longer provides cutlery packages to the kids at Adam Beck. If you do not send cutlery from home, your child may approach the RR drivers to ask for a single fork, spoon, napkin, as needed. 

-RR Catering is meeting with compostable cutlery and packaging companies (this week) and we should have an update on this in January.  

-in the meantime, I’m told the Eco-Committee and Parent council are investigating the use of stainless steel cutlery that would remain at school. 

Wishing you all an exceptional Holiday and fewer lunches to slave over in 2019!