Principal’s Update – August 17, 2020

Below is a copy of the August 17 email update from Adam Beck Principal Ms. Scenna:

Dearest Adam Beck Families,

In a week of great intensity, I just wanted to share some updates that apply regardless of any large outside decisions that may come our way. Student safety and well-being is always our #1! We are here to help and we care about your insights. Some parameters may be bound by budget or systemic limitations; but we are a caring and creative staff that is happy to help however we can! We all benefit when great thoughtfulness is put into details. We will adapt, adjust and accommodate to make this work! Please see the updates below and know that lots more will come our way this week.

Class Size Status/Info Coming Soon:

In case you missed it or are wondering, here is a snapshot of the follow-up email from central which was shared after call-outs were made last week:

“Our apologies for the late email, but we wanted to provide you with an update with regard to the pre-registration process that was being conducted this week — specifically, the online version that was to be provided to those who did not answer/complete pre-registration phone calls.

We had initially intended to begin sending that online pre-registration form to these families this weekend, however given this week’s significant announcement by the Ministry of Education about funding being unlocked for smaller elementary class sizes and changing expectations with secondary timetables, we feel it’s best to briefly pause the online portion of the survey until next week when we anticipate having additional information.”

We thank you once again for your patience as we ride the “systemic wave” of updates that are taking place. More news will arrive via media and will be confirmed by the board via emails from central any day now.

Busing Update:

Any Adam Beck families that are part of our busing process should have received the following update last week:

“During week 1 of the school year (September 8-11) only students with special education needs will be provided with student transportation.

Beginning September 14 (week 2 of the school year), all other eligible students will be provided with student transportation, unless there is a significant driver shortage or other unforeseen issues related to COVID-19.”

See attached full letter for more: Letter – TSTG Covid Update August 14 2020 Final.pdf 

September Hot Lunch Program &  Pizza Lunch Pause:

In order to ensure student safety and given we are awaiting directions regarding visitor limitation alongside live/online attendance collection, we will need to pause our Hot Lunch Program and Pizza Lunch offerings for September. Many wonderful strategies have been suggested; we must simply take our fall “kick off” one step at a time to ensure the absolute safest opportunities for our students in every single way.

We know how helpful warm lunch services of any kind are to families so we will continue to collaboratively look at all hot lunch options moving forward. Your flexibility is greatly appreciated!

Back In Office:

For the 2020-2021 school year, Elementary main offices will “open” on August 24th. Please note we cannot allow families/guests to physically enter the building prior to August 31st. Please contact the main office for access from August 31st onward as we will have to confirm an appointment to ensure COVID-friendly practices such as appropriate distancing are consistent.

2020 Graduate Photo Day:

We will be hosting a socially-distanced, outdoor photography session for grad pictures Friday September 25th after school (with enough time for kids to arrive prepared from their new school).  If it rains, we will swap to another after school time. More details will follow as we refine the plan. COVID-friendly changes may take place so we will update you soon. When graduates come for their photo we will have a special spot for their rock drop-off!

2020 Fall Graduation:

As soon as our TDSB Approved Trophy/Plaque and Year Book vendors are back in session, we will connect to firm up outdoor Graduation Ceremony timing and options. With 70 Graduates, we will need to ensure we are following Phase protocols at all times and also want to be as timely as possible to keep things special! Your patience is greatly admired by us all!

So what’s going on behind the scenes to prepare for any case scenario overall?

In the meantime, before big decisions are made… we are “busy bees” working in many different ways! Here’s a glimpse of some of the things we are up to….

Ordering and creation of:

  • Accessible PPE (more specific details will come soon).
  • Child-friendly signage.
  • Floor decals.
  • Plexi partitions, table/section/space dividers.
  • Catchy slogans and mini songs to make safety reminders easy and fun.
  • Planning for lunch safety / steps for hot lunch programming when the time is right.
  • Safe and appropriate washroom / recess / line-up planning and communication plan/schedules.
  • Safe isolation space in the building if someone doesn’t feel well until picked up.
  • Collaborative sharing of strategies with other schools and via our COVID Committee.
  • Outdoor classroom space potential.
  • De-cluttering and clearing of school spaces and places.
  • Student leadership opportunities for socially distanced activity/recess stations.
  • “Welcome Back” video for families to share with students before coming back (including helpful reminders & sneak peak of what things will look like).
  • Grad planning in ongoing motion.
  • Classroom/ school library alternatives… sanitized approaches for book accessibility.
  • Consideration and collaboration for planning and supporting the online vs. in-class processes – how to make it best and ensure everyone is included and engaged!
  • Ongoing examination of Back to School AB Survey to adjust approaches.
  • As directed, timetabling and schedule adjustments as required.

Many more goodies as well!

Overall, please know that there we will receive clear directions to follow; however, there will also be “general guidelines that will provide school Admin with flexibility to make decisions that are in the best interest of students and school communities”. 

Please also remember we are here to help. You have the ability to change any choice you make and we will work in a timely fashion to help right away! Thank you, in advance, for your support and understanding. I will connect with you soon and look forward to us all absolutely ROCKING this “rocky” situation – no matter how last minute it may feel!

Go Bears GOOO ! If you read this tonight… GO RAPTORS GOOOO as well!

With a heart full of endless appreciate for you all… I wish you a great night!

Lola  Scenna