Read-A-Thon Announcements!!

The winners of the Colouring contest are below:

The first and second place winners for each grade for the 2020 Design Contest are:
Grade 1 st Place Winner 2 nd Place Winner
JK Rm 8 – Madeline J. Rm 23 – Bowie C.
SK Rm 5 – Emersyn H. Rm 7 – Ed Benjamin S.
1 Rm 6 – Alice M. Rm 3 – Theo P.
2 Rm 4 – Callum Rm 20 – Ada A.
3 Rm 19 – Jamie M. Rm 11 – Olivia B.
4 P1 – Alex A. Rm 11 – Sean
5 Rm 14 – Victoria G. Rm 16 – Dante
6 Rm 14 – Eloise Rm 16 – Sienna CD
Overall P1 – Maddie T. Rm 16 – Emma H.

The first and second place winners will be put up in the display case next to the gym. The honourable mentions and all other entries will be on display in the library on the ledge above
the books.
Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered! The bookmarks are ordered and should be arriving by the end of this week.

Download a copy of the reading log.

NOTE: Reading logs are due back to teachers on Friday, February 28. (There was an error in the date given on the handout that went home with reading logs.

Please find more details here: