Monsterbash wrap-Up

A great time was had by all at Monsterbash 2018, held on Saturday, October 27th from 4-7 pm at
the school. Highlights included our always popular Haunted House – our dedicated volunteers
manage to set up a new and even scarier scenario every year; scaly but lovable critters from
Reptilia; feathery and furry critters from Pawsitively Pets; and the Slime Factory, led once again
by mad scientist Richard Dela Calzada. Other activities included the second annual Monsterbash
colouring contest hosted by our favourite local bookstore, Ella Minnow (thanks Dawn Clarkson
for organizing!), fun games on the main floor, loot bags, popcorn, pizza, a wide variety of bake
table donations, pumpkin painting, the Main Street fire truck and more! Kids showed off their
dancing abilities during Ms. Smith’s annual Monsterbash dance.

The classroom pumpkin decorating contest elicited amazing designs including a galleon, fairy
house, Mr. Mason, a skunk, puke emoji, and more! Thanks to everyone who participated in the
raffle. The winning class gets a ‘free’ gym class where they get to choose their activity. Thanks
Ms. Smith, and Mr. Sinclair for offering this great prize!

Attracting over 400 parents, students and community members (no wonder it’s crowded!) our
Monsterbash fundraising event encompasses a large part of our school council’s fundraising
efforts. These efforts support programs within our school such as the Visiting Artist program, our
physical education programs, technology in the classrooms, our library and many eco-school
initiatives. Please consider volunteering for this important event in future years!

A HUGE thank you to our caretakers, Greg, Nick and Ken, who support us while we make a big,
fun mess of the school for a day. And it was so great to have Mr. Yee and Ms. Scenna at the
event. Thanks for attending (and for helping with accounting.) To Margie and support staff in
the office, thanks for the ongoing smiles and support! And to the teachers, for getting into the
Halloween spirit along with us!

To everyone who donated chili, mac and cheese, and items for the bake sale – thank you so very
much – we had a hungry crew, and sold out the bake table once again (I didn’t even get a crumb.)

Volunteers, Staff, and Donors:
Endless thanks to all of the volunteers who helped make Monsterbash a HUGE success this year!
You did a fantastic job, bringing enthusiasm and a great sense of fun to the set up, the main
event, and of course, clean up!

The Monsterbash committee would like to thank the following donors and volunteers:

Fox Theatre – donation of popcorn
Ella Minnow bookstore – Dawn Clarkson, Yvette and Heather at the store – hosting of the
colouring contest, and prizing

Toronto Fire Department, Main Street station – fire truck
Ellissa Glad – poster design
Kristine Holder – pumpkin wrangling, day-of setup
Jeny Nussey – games, set up, day-of set up and take down
Michelle Grahlman – candy kabob consultant and other activities
Francesca Rea – pumpkin raffle
Julie Middleton – accounting, ticket sales
Michelle Hooper-Lavoie – cotton candy
Bake Table management – Patti Walsh
Food Donation: Anita Kaila, Vanessa Vila, Michelle Grahlman, Tracy Britnell, Julie Middleton,
Helen Katz, Francesca Rea, Anne Marie Williams
Hot Dog BBQ: Shane Blondie, David Lee, Oliver Walters
Slime Factory: Richard Dela Calzada (spooky scientist) volunteers: Alexis, Aviv, Richard,
Clara, Josh, Ava, Michaela, Maddy
Friday Set up (apologies if I’ve missed anyone!)
Jill Ernst, Andrea Casciato, Claudia Gordijo, Holly Stibbe, Scott Snell, Chloe Spencer, Jeny
Nussey, Jeff Jay, Steve Hall, Lindsay Hall
Saturday Set Up and Event (apologies if I’ve missed anyone!)
Fay Sicinski, Alex Bellamy, Cindy He, Kayla Lantz, Elizabeth Fullerton, Isabelle, Maggie Kerr,
Tea Reed Watson, Maogosha, Holly Stibbe, Jessica Law, Kylie Telky, Jonathan Guest, Alisen
Richmond-Peck, Max Kapila-Abelson, Lindsay Hall, Vanessa Vila, Gabriella Hooper-Lavoie,
Georgia Middleton, James Roedde, Tristan Dunning, Ben Lynds, Lori Bristow, Sophia Malisani,
Michaela Thorpe, Ava McDonald, Jill Ernst, Sarah Asal, Orin Grahlman, Hunter Davidson,
Alexis Davidson, Josh Tudela, Domenic Pistone, Jackson Lynch, Meghan Long, Hannah
MacLeod Kerr, Julia Blondie, Kathleen MacLeod Kerr, Elizabeth Harvey, Kate Mills, Ava
McDonald, Erin O’Neil, Eleanor Robertson, Leo Bonifacio, Anne Marie Williams, Hilary
Wilson, Terri Lavender, Aaron McIntosh, Steve Hall, and all the dads who showed up at the end
to help with clean up!
*please let me know if anyone has been forgotten!

A huge thank you to all the High School Volunteers who helped out this year, from Malvern,
and elsewhere. We couldn’t do it without you! To the various Adam Beck students who assisted
with various tasks, thank you for your amazing help! Everyone had such a good time! And to the
Parents who were able to find the time to come out and assist, whether it was setting up on
Friday night, throughout the day, or at the event on Saturday night, your assistance and
enthusiasm made all the difference. It was a pleasure getting to know you all.

The Monsterbash Committee:

They are a talented and dedicated group, and keep this fun and popular event running each year.
(There are so many people who contribute to this event, my ongoing thanks if I’ve missed you!)
Next year, Kristine Holder will take over. We need fresh blood to assist her as many of us on the
Monsterbash committee (including me) are moving on as our kids graduate, or just moving on to
other committees, or activities. Think about joining the crew next year – it’s the most fun you’ll
have at school!
Karen McMullin, Head Monster
Monsterbash 2018
Co-Chair, Parent Council