Hot Lunch Success!

Our first “Rose Reisman Catering” lunch was served up on Thursday, Nov 15 and the kids ate it up!  As with any new program, there is a bit of room for improvement so, parent volunteer Melanie will continue to work with the RR team ensuring an even smoother lunch service next time.  Some changes for next week include grouping serving tables by room number as opposed to grade….figuring out a plan to get lunches for the older kids attending lunchtime clubs… well as implementing a JK/SK “runner” who will re-visit the kindie classes to make sure everybody got what was ordered.

A few tips from the RR Kids lunch team to remind your kids about:

  • ALWAYS check the side pockets of the lunch bag for cold food items; we don’t want to mix hot and cold foods together!
  • If your child needs help with their lunch, tell them to approach the RR drivers. They are there to help solve any issues.

Just as a reminder, the deadline for Thursday orders are Tuesdays at midnight.

As well, periodically check your cart online to make sure your child’s order has been confirmed and processed.