Principal’s Monthly Newsletter – Oct. 2018

Adam Beck Newsletter – October 2018

Principal’s Message

Our annual Meet the Teacher/Curriculum Evening was a great success and well attended by students and parents. It was a pleasure for me to meet and talk with all of you and a warm welcome to the new parents at Adam Beck. I want to thank the staff and parents, who worked together to make the night so successful. This evening was a wonderful opportunity for parents to meet the staff and teachers at Adam Beck.

On October 24th it was an amazing day for Adam Beck with both our Girls and Boys football team playing in the South Conference Finals. Both games went into overtime! In the boys game, the score was tied 22-22 at the end of the game. Unfortunately, Hodgson scored a touchdown in overtime and even with Evan K’s two touchdown performance, the boys ended up being on the lower end of the score the boys ended up being on the lower end of the score. The girl’s team were tied 8-8 at the end of the game. In overtime, Ruby W. connected on a 50 yard pass to Sophie M. for the go ahead touchdown. The final score was 14-8 and our girls are going onto the city finals! Congratulations on both teams bring our first ever boys and girls touch football banners this season. It has been a great ride and your hard work and commitment have paid off big time! The girls have their final challenge on Monday at Esther Shiner stadium in the city finals! “Go Bears Go”! Thank Mr. Volpato for coaching both the Boys’ & Girls’ Football team.

Congratulations to the Grade 6 Girls Soccer team on a fantastic season!  The girls played with great heart and determination.  Our team finished the tournament with a record of 1-2-1, and unfortunately did not move on to the next round.  Thank you to all the girls on an amazing season!

The Adam Beck Boys Soccer season was one filled with ups, downs, and every emotion in between.  Our first tournament at Williamson Road P.S. was a fantastic day, filled with great sportsmanship, lots of cheers and three victories to send us to the Quarter Finals.  Our Quarter Final match was played against GA Brown. The fought hard all game long, coming back from a 2-0 deficit.  After two rounds of overtime and a penalty kick off, GA brown was awarded the win.  The boys played with determination, great team work and most importantly, great sportsmanship.  While it was not the result that we were looking for, we are all so proud of our Adam Beck Bears, and looking forward to their future victories, both on and off the field!

Special Thanks goes out to Mr. Bines, Mr. Cheriff, Mr. Abd El Sayed, Mr. Cizar & Madame Bettas-Protopapas for their hard work and dedication for coaching the Soccer teams.




Congratulations to our 208 amazing Adam Beck Cross Country Runners as they ROCKED the course at our Area Cross Country Meet at Ashbridges Bay on October 4th.  So much love and team spirit was demonstrated throughout the day.  It was a very proud day to be an Adam Beck Bear.

Here are the results from our Area Meet.  The following athletes placed in the top 30 and advanced to the South Conference Finals on Monday, October 15th:

Kennadie M. placed 30th, Julian C. placed 29th, Linea L. placed 28th, Caden G. and Georgia A. both placed 24th, Blake S. and Parker W. placed 23rd, Charlotte R. placed 22nd, Evan H. placed 20th, Noah K. placed 18th, Konrad C. placed 17th, Natalia H. placed 16th, Jimmy L. placed 15th, Maddie T. and Eddie L. both placed 13th, Addy S. placed 12th, Dante M. placed 11th, Chloe H. placed 10th, Sydney R. placed 9th, Mathias D. placed 8th,Bronwyn B. placed 3rd and Melissa B. placed 1st.

The Bears also placed well in team standings:

The Grade 3 Boys’ team comprised of Konrad C., Evan H., Blake S., Colin D. and Colin M., placed 3rd overall.

The Grade 4 Girls’ team comprised of Addy S, Sasha V.-R., Chloe S, Jordyn S. and Bronwyn B., placed 3rd overall.

The Grade 4 Boys’ Team, comprised of Noah K., Brennan L., Dante M., Eddie L. and Caden G., placed 2nd overall.

The Grade 5 Girls’ Team comprised of Natalia H., Charlotte R., Georgia A., Kennadie M., Linea L. and Parker W., placed 2nd overall.

Due to our team placing the following athletes also qualified to advance to the South Conference Finals: Colin D., Colin M., Sasha V.R., Jordyn S., Brennan L. 

Congratulations to our stellar 27 athletes who advanced to represent Adam Beck at the South Conference Finals.

Our Area Meet was a great success thanks to many people.  Thank you to all of our awesome Adam Beck Coaches who worked hard preparing our athletes for the meet.  Thank you to our wonderful Adam Beck staff members and to Miss Smith’s great co-op student, Will, who helped supervise students and act as course marshals at the meet.

Thank you to Claire B. and her amazing team of parent volunteers who played a variety of roles at our meet.  Thank you to the crew of parents who went down bright and early to set up our team tents.  The tents kept us dry when we weren’t running.  We are so lucky to have such keen and supportive parents here at Adam Beck.


26 amazing Cross Country runners represented Adam Beck at the South Conference Finals at Ashbridges Bay on October 15th.  The Bears had a great day, cheered on their teammates and proudly cheered on the athletes who participated in the Barrier Free Race.  We were all so proud of you for your athletic ability and your great team spirit, Bears.  Thanks for an amazing day!

Congratulations to Blake S., who placed 9th, and Evan H, who placed 6th.  Sadly, grade 3 athletes do not advance to the South Conference Finals.  Great job boys!

The following athletes placed in the top 20 and advanced to the City Finals:

Bronwyn B. who placed 17th, Mathias D. who placed 12th and Melissa B. who placed 1st and received a gold medal.

Congratulations to all of our wonderful Cross Country athletes.  A BIG THANK YOU goes out once again to our awesome parent volunteers who drove our Cross Country athletes and who helped supervise our athletes at the meet.  Your assistance and support are greatly appreciated.


Yesterday, Toronto’s best Cross Country runners converged upon Centennial Park in Etobicoke for the TDESAA Cross Country City Finals.  Mother Nature cooperated for us as we had a crisp fall day.  It was a perfect day to run Cross Country.  Here are the official results:

Bronwyn placed 57th, Mathias placed 24th and Melissa placed 7th

Congratulations on your stellar performances Bears!  You have made us extremely proud. Thanks for an outstanding Cross Country Season!! GO BEARS GO!! GRRRRRRRR!!!



This year Adam Beck started the year with a school wide Eco-Team project that involved all the classrooms!

Every classroom saved all their snack wrappers and single-use plastic containers for the 3 weeks leading up to our Welcome BBQ.

There were 22 bags of waste!!

When this waste was sorted and glued down to display, it took a 3 foot wide x 18 meters long roll of mural paper to display it all!!!

Many of you saw this display outside at the BBQ and 30 Families signed our School Community Declaration to get rid of as many single-use plastics and wrappers as possible at home. THANK YOU!!!

If you haven’t had a chance to sign-up your family to help the environment please read our Declaration below and sign -up by sending an email to

My Environmental Declaration!

By signing this document, you agree to make a family commitment to stop using single use snack wrappers including, but not limited to:

Granola Bars

Yogurt cups/tubes

Apple sauce cups/pouches

Cheese strings

Ziplock bags

Cookie wrappers

Chip wrappers

Coffee cups

Water bottles

Juice Boxes

We, as a family, will make every attempt to purchase bulk food items and package them using reusable containers!

Thanks for keeping us a Platinum level Eco- School and community!



Ella Minnow Book Fair

The Ella Minnow Book Fair is coming to our school November 12- 16 and you are invited to come and share in this celebration of literacy with us!

Each class will have chance to visit Book fair twice: first to look around and choose books and second time to buy. Students will bring home a list of titles they would like to purchase on their second visit. Book Fair will be open every day for class visits during regular school hours and after school until 4 pm (for parents and caregivers). We’re also hosting a special Family Event from 4-7pm on November 15th during interview times.

One great way to ensure our children get started with reading and keep on reading all year long is with the Classroom Wish List program. We urge you to stop by the CWL display when you first arrive at the Fair. Learn how purchasing books and donating them to your child’s classroom can give little readers even greater access to the books they want to read by expanding existing classroom libraries.

If you are interested volunteering to help us run this highly popular event, please email Mme. Panova ( or our parent volunteer Chairperson Sonya Buyting ( ) we appreciate any time and way you can support our Book Fair.

Your support can help our students to blossom with new and exciting adventures in reading, stimulating young minds for years to come. Mme. Panova

Room 12 & 16 – Musical

In September we had artist educator Cathy Nosaty and her program The 10 Minute Musical work with M. Bettas-Protopapas (Rm 16) and S.Cizar (Rm 12).  The 10 Minute Musical program was funded by a grant from the Ontario Arts Council.  Each class worked with Cathy for five half days to write and rehearse their own original 10 Minute Musical.  Both classes performed their lively and imaginative musicals for each other on the fifth and final day of the workshop.  Parts of the musicals were shared at the September character education assembly.

News from the Integrated Arts Studio

The Arts studio is a busy place with Music & Dance classes happening every day and many extracurriculars happening during lunch hour: the Drama Club meets on Mondays at lunch and is preparing for our performance at the Remembrance Day Assembly, the Junior Choir meets on Wednesdays at lunch and is working on learning several new songs, and Primary Choir rehearsals will begin SOON on Tuesday and Thursdays at morning recess!  It’s a lively, artsy place!

In an effort to share and keep everyone more informed of the exciting work that is happening in the Integrated Arts Studio, Mr. Mason has started using two online resources you may all be interested in:

1) Mr. Mason and the Integrated Arts Program now on TWITTER!  Search for @MrMason_ABArts and start following our posts and updates!

2) A new, audio-only Adam Beck Integrated Arts Youtube page has been started and our first recording is UP!  SEARCH for “Adam Beck JPS Integrated Arts Channel” and we will pop up, or copy and paste the following address into your browser: .  On our page you can listen to our Grade 5, 6 and 5/6 classes performing the song “A Million Dreams” from the film The Greatest Showman.  They made a great recording – please enjoy it!  More choir recordings from past years, and class recordings from this year, will be posted in the coming months.

Thank you for your ongoing support of your students as musicians, dancers and creators!


Thanks to our lead, Karen McMullen who working so hard with the Monsterbash committee and her volunteers to make this event happen on Saturday October 27th from 4 – 7 pm.  Wristbands $10 in advance; $15 at the door. Wristbands and Tickets on sale now through This year, purchase packs of 10 or 20 tickets ahead of time, and avoid that scary line! Food and prizing tickets will be available at the event: .50 each


Hallowe’en Safety Tips

Hallowe’en provides an opportunity for parents and children to spend time together creating costumes, carving pumpkins, planning trick or treat activities and participating in family parties. Hallowe’en is a big event at schools and provides opportunities for parties, creative activities, art programs and impromptu history lessons. Hallowe’en is also a time for students, parents, and schools to take extra care to ensure safety and security.

If parents are concerned about trick or treating, here are some basic safety rules to follow:

• Children should NEVER eat any treats until parents have had a chance to go through them and inspect them. Parents should look for tampering of packages and discard any they believe to be unsafe or unknown.
• Have your child carry a flashlight.
• NEVER go into a stranger’s house.
• NEVER trick or treat with people you do not know.
• Trick or treat only at homes you know.
• Children should always stay in groups if no parent is present.
• Younger children should ALWAYS be accompanied by an older person.
• Accompany your child when trick or treating.
• If you can not accompany your child then know the route your child will take.
• Flame resistant (retardant) costumes are in order. Keep costumes short and remind children to stay away from pumpkins with candles in them.
• Remind children to stay away from pets they do not know.
• Remind children of road safety rules. Cross only at corners. Do not criss-cross the road. Go up one side of the road and down the other side. Never cross between parked cars. Walk facing on-coming traffic if there is no sidewalk
• If adults are driving their children, drive slowly, with lights on and be cautious when pulling to the side of the road.
• Children should wear their own shoes when trick or treating. Wearing costume shoes/boots can be dangerous and uncomfortable.
• Remind children that not everyone celebrates Hallowe’en, and to avoid any homes that have no lights on. Also remind children not to run through neighbours yards or gardens.
• With older children, be sure to know what other events (such as parties) they plan on attending.
• Set time limits when children should return home.

Keeping Kids Safe

Drivers are reminded to do their part to keep children safe near school buses.

Drivers should follow these tips:

– Stop and never pass a school bus when its red lights are flashing.

– Leave space around school buses and avoid blocking school bus loading zones so children can enter and exit safely.

– Be prepared to stop for a school bus at any time, not just during school hours.

– Always obey the rules of the road and watch for children, especially in school zones.

– Stop for pedestrians at crosswalks and school crossings.

Parents can also help keep their children safe by reminding them to be aware of their surroundings when they are on or near school buses.

Dressing for the Weather

In addition, we ask that all students have a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes at school. This is extremely important in case we have to suddenly evacuate all students must wear shoes at all times inside the school.

In addition, we ask that all students have a pair of indoor and outdoor shoes at school. This is extremely important in case we have to suddenly evacuate all students must wear shoes at all times inside the school.


Evacuation Sites for Adam Beck

If there was any reason we could not evacuate to our first site at Blantyre due to an emergency in that area we would go to the next site on the list and so forth.

  1. Blantyre PS (290 Blantyre Street)
  2. Balmy Beach (14 Pine Street)
  3. Kimberly PS (50 Swanwick Avenue)


If there was any reason we could not evacuate to our first site at Blantyre due to an emergency in that area we would go to the next site on the list and so forth.



ParentYou have a choice to make about French programming for your child.

Across the TDSB, we offer two programs: Early French Immersion (SK entry) and Junior Extended French (Gr.4 entry)

Senior Kindergarten is the ONLY time your child can begin the Early French Immersion program.

What is Early French Immersion?

Early French Immersion programs are designed for students who do not speak French at home. The Early French Immersion program provides the maximum French language experience available in our schools.

Early French Immersion begins in Senior Kindergarten. All class activities are conducted in French until the end of Grade 3 although some specialist subjects like Physical Education may be taught in English.

English is introduced in Grade 4 for about one hour per day and increases to half of the daily class time by Grade 6.

After Grade 8, students continue the French Immersion program at designated secondary schools. Students who successfully complete a minimum of 10 credits in French at the secondary school level are eligible for a Certificate of Bilingual Studies in French.

To find the French Immersion school for your area, please visit the following website and enter the name of your English school in the designated search window:

*Catchments are based on the student’s home address and may change in accordance with TDSB procedures.

A series of public information evenings will be held across the TDSB to provide parents/guardians the opportunity to learn further information about the French Immersion program and the application process, and to ask questions of TDSB staff. These meetings will be held at the following sites:

Location Date Time George S Henry Academy 200 Graydon Hall Drive

October 30, 2018 7:00 pm -8:00 pm

Etobicoke Collegiate Institute 86 Montgomery Road

November 1, 2018 7:00 pm -8:00 pm

Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute 1550 Sandhurst Circle

November 6, 2018 7:00 pm -8:00 pm

Birchmount Park Collegiate Institute 3663 Danforth Avenue

November 12, 2018 7:00 pm -8:00 pm

Central Technical School 725 Bathurst Street

November 14, 2018 7:00 pm -8:00 pm

Forest Hill Collegiate Institute 730 Eglinton Avenue West

November 19, 2018 7:00 pm -8:00 pm

Northview Heights Secondary School 550 Finch Ave West

November 20, 2018 7:00 pm -8:00 pm

Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute 800 Greenwood Ave

November 22, 2018 7:00 pm -8:00 pm

Or join us online at a Virtual Information Evening to learn the information about the French Immersion program and application process or to ask questions via web chat.

On line Web Chat Date Time

Virtual Information Evening November 7, 2018 7:00 pm -8:00 pm

Applications for the Early French Immersion Program

are completed online for September 2019

Applications to the Early French Immersion program are made the year your child is in Junior Kindergarten for entry in September of Senior Kindergarten. It is an entirely online process. All communication will be sent via the email address you provide. Please check this email regularly.

Please visit the application site

✓ You will need your child’s date of birth and OEN (Ontario Education Number).

The OEN is a 9-digit number found on any report card from the TDSB.

✓ For non-TDSB students, please select the “Non-TDSB Student” option and

follow the steps to generate an identification number. You must then return to the PARS site and follow the application procedure with this number.

✓ Please select Early French Immersion from the drop-down menu and complete

the application process.

On-time applicants will be offered a placement online via the email address you have provided. You MUST take action to accept this placement by the deadline requested when you are offered a placement.

Offers of placement will be on-going through the weeks and months following the close of the application period. Please check your email regularly (including junk mail) and follow all instructions found therein.

IMPORTANT DATES: Application process opens: October 29, 2018

Deadline for applications: November 26, 2018

Please note: while every effort will be made to place students in the school identified as their area Early French Immersion school, this is not always possible. In cases where the number of applications in a given area is greater than the number of spaces in the school, students may be redirected to schools with available space.

Placements are made based on the address you provide prior to the application deadline. If your address changes between the application deadline and the fall of the SK year, there is no guarantee of placement in your new area.

Applicants who have older siblings currently enrolled in the program and who will be in attendance the following year have a priority placement in that school.

Classes with fewer than 25 students may not open.

French Programs Application Deadline

For families interested in the Toronto District School Board’s French Immersion or Extended French programs, we offer an online process for applying to:

– Early French Immersion (EFI) which begins in Senior Kindergarten;

– Junior Extended French (JEF) which begins in Grade 4

We guarantee an offer of placement in the program (not a specific school) to all on-time applicants. Transportation is provided as per the Board’s Transportation policy.

The timelines for applying for these programs for September 2019 are:

– Applications for Early French Immersion (for a Junior Kindergarten aged child), must be completed online between October 29, 2018 and November 26, 2018.

– Applications for Junior Extended French must be completed online between January 7, 2019 and February 4, 2019.

Offers of placement within your chosen program will be made to all on-time applicants in the weeks following the close of the application window.

Please note: families with an older sibling currently in a French program are still required to complete an online application for the new student.

For further information about French as a Second Language programs, the application process and dates for Information Evenings, please visit

Jersey Day – Spirit Day

Don’t forget the theme for our Spirit Day on Friday November 23rd is “Jersey Day”.  We look forward to seeing how creative our students will get with this! J

Volunteers/Processed Volunteer Forms

For all of our parents who have already submitted their application for Police Clearance, please remember it is your responsibility to bring the

clearance to our office once you receive it in the mail. We require the original document. You will not be active on our clearance system until you have given us the original Police Clearance Copy. The original will be returned to you once you have been added. Parents, please remember that if you wish to

Volunteer in any capacity in our school you must have a Police Reference Check completed. This includes volunteering for Field Trips, supporting classrooms and various Fundraising events like Pizza Lunch, Monsterbash, etc.  and/or acting as a Volunteer Driver for sports events. While we make exceptions for one time occasions under staff supervision it is important that our “regular” volunteers get their clearance. Please pick up a Police Clearance Form from our office to get this started. The cost for the clearance is $20.00, a certified cheque or money order payable to “Toronto Police Service”

Parent-Teacher Interviews

Regular parent-teacher communication is an important part of student learning. Parent-teacher interviews are scheduled throughout the year after report cards are sent home.

These interviews are your opportunity to ask questions about your child’s progress and to discuss any issues. In addition to regular scheduled parent-teacher interviews, you can request a meeting at any time during the school year by contacting the school or your child’s teacher directly.

Lockdown and Fire Drills

At the beginning of each school year, our students and staff prepare for the year ahead by establishing the foundations for a successful year. One of the ways we know we can help students be successful is to create a safe environment in which to learn. Though no one ever wants to see an emergency happen at a school, it’s important for school staff to be equipped to deal with those situations, should these occur.

The safety of students and staff is a top priority at our school and to that end, as with all emergency drills, it is essential that we are prepared and understand the importance of procedures that will help ensure the safety of everyone in our school.

The TDSB has taken steps to ensure your child’s safety while in school. Each school has developed emergency preparedness plans that include steps staff will take in the event of an emergency, how staff will get students away from possible dangers, and how students’ families will be contacted.

One aspect of emergency preparedness is the lockdown and fire drill. All schools are required to conduct a minimum of two lockdown drills and six fire drills each school year. Lockdown drills, like fire drills, are an essential component to ensuring student and staff safety. It is important that all staff and students are prepared and know how to respond in cases of emergencies. The drills last approximately 5 minutes and ensure plans are effective and can also systematically identify any safety concerns.

Communication is also very important in any emergency situation. The emergency contact information kept on file is important in helping this happen. It lists the people who can pick up a student from the school. If you have not yet provided this information to the office or have updates to the information on file, please make sure our office staff have that information as soon as possible.

Remembrance Day

On Friday, November 9, students and staff at our school and across the city will mark Remembrance Day with classroom activities and school assemblies. During Remembrance Day, our teachers make connections between global events and students’ lives by promoting peace within our school community. On this solemn occasion, our staff, students, parents, and the wider community all join together in a call for peace.

This year’s Remembrance Day marks the date and time when fighting stopped on November 11th at 11am in 1918 (the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month) which makes this the 99th anniversary for the end of the First World War. It is also the 72nd anniversary of the end of World War II.

New Ward Boundaries

On Dec. 1, 2018, new ward boundaries will come into effect for the Toronto District School Board.

These changes are a result of the Government of Ontario’s decision to reduce Toronto City Council from 47 to 25 councillors and realign the City of Toronto’s ward electoral boundaries to reflect provincial electoral ridings. By law, the TDSB is required to align its ward electoral boundaries with the City’s.

To view the new map and to see which schools will belong to each ward, please visit New Ward Boundaries on at

Legalization of Cannabis

The recreational use of cannabis became legal in Canada on October 17, 2018. The Toronto District School Board has provided resources, including lesson plans that align with Ontario’s Health and Physical Education Curriculum, to schools to support staff and students. These lesson plans aim to provide accurate information, teach healthy living concepts and promote substance misuse prevention strategies among youth. The TDSB continues to work with Toronto Public Health and the Ministry of Education regarding the further development of curriculum and professional learning.

Despite the changes to cannabis-related laws, the recreational use of cannabis is not permitted on TDSB property. Similar to alcohol, impairment is also not permitted or tolerated on school property. As with any prescribed medication, cannabis-based medications are permitted in accordance with TDSB Operational Procedure 536 (Medication).

For information on resources you may find helpful in discussions with your children, visit

Important Dates

Saturday October 27 – MonsterBash – 4 – 7 pm

Monday October 29 – French Immersion Online Applications Open

Wednesday October 31 – Halloween Parade – 12:45 pm

Wednesday November 7 – School Photo Retake Day & Siblings Photos (Morning)

Friday November 9 – Remembrance Day Assembly & School Council Movie Night (6:30 pm – Doors Open)

Monday November 12 – Ella Minnow Book Fair Begins

Tuesday November 13 – Progress Reports – Go Home

Wednesday November 14 – Pizza Lunch

Thursday November 15 – Parent/Teacher Interviews (Evening)

Friday November 16 – PA Day – No School & Parent/Teacher Interviews (Morning)

Thursday November 22 – School Council Meeting – 6:30 pm (Studio)

Friday November 23 – Jersey Day (Spirit Day) & Rendez-Vous Café – (Conference Room) 9 am

Saturday November 24 – Holiday Party – 10 – 1 pm