Fundraising Letter from Council Co-chairs

Adam Beck bear logo in black and white

Supporting our kids school experience 

Dear Adam Beck parents and guardians,

As COVID-19 case rates continue to decline in Toronto and the city gradually opens up, the Adam Beck School Council is looking forward to a school year that looks a little more normal than it has in the past little while. 

A primary focus for the School Council is to help enrich our children’s school experience. However, due to COVID-19,  our usual fundraising was challenging last year, and this continues to be the case for the 2021-2022 school year. 

Because we have had to cancel many long-standing revenue-generating activities over two school years, like pizza lunch, the School Council is no longer in a position to fund several of our most anticipated activities, such as STEM workshops, read-a-thon, and the visiting artists in the school program.

Our budget committee has identified that the School Council needs an additional $2,500 this year to fulfill these key priorities.

In order to continue to provide these experiences for our kids we are asking parents and guardians to consider making a small donation directly to the School Council.  Donations will not go to any one activity, but will help ensure that we are able to offer all the programs we have come to enjoy.

Please consider donating, if you are able. We also encourage families to consider making a donation on behalf of another Bear family who may not be in a position to contribute at this time. While we recommend a $10 donation, any amount will make a difference to our school community.

If you are able to donate, please visit this donation link, by December 15, 2021. This link may be shared with family and friends – a School Cash Online login is not required. Donations over $25 are eligible for a tax receipt for income tax purposes.

We are optimistic we will be in a very different position next school year – we just need a little help in the short-term. Thank you for considering supporting our efforts, and we encourage you to attend future School Council meetings to be a part of our ongoing fundraising discussions. 


Julie Middleton & Shannon Magennis

School Council Co-Chairs