Coffee & Treats Staff Appreciation Event 2021

The Coffee & Treats Staff Appreciation Event will be held on November 24th, and this year our community is able to come together to provide PURCHASED treats and drinks for our lovely Adam Beck staff.

Take a moment to sign up here,, by November 19th for an item to contribute. Feel free to buddy up with another family to do so.

Please note that items must be dropped off at 206 Bingham Avenue, between November 21st and November 23rd so that they can be prepared for delivery to the school the morning of the event. Parents are not able to enter the school and Ms. Scenna and Ms. Mavrou have volunteered to set things up in the staff room.

We are also accepting drawings and cards of appreciation for staff that we will deliver on your behalf. Please address drawings and cards to all Adam Beck staff and deliver them to your classroom reps or to the mailbox of 206 Bingham Avenue.

Thank you on behalf of the Staff Appreciation Committee.