Adam Beck Arts Week and Visiting Artists Update

April 22 to 26 will be Adam Beck’s first official Arts Week! That week, the school council Visiting Artists Committee has arranged for artists from VIBE Arts to work with each class in the school on various types of visual arts projects. 

  • Kindergarten classes will work with clay
  • Primary classes will do either cartoon and comic drawing, or watercolours
  • Junior classes will do either textiles, or cartoon and comic drawing.

The Visiting Artists Committee is also organizing, or has organized, these artist visits:

  • Tribal Vision Dance, full-school performance in May,
  • English-language author Sandra Bradley for primary classes in March
  • French-language author Mireille Messier in April.

The committee also helped pay for the Kiki Ballroom dance workshop in the fall and organized for 9 classes to each paint a beautiful canvas that was auctioned off as part of council’s Night on the Beach fundraiser.

Questions? Email [email protected].