Mayfair Dream Baskets

This year’s Mayfair is scheduled for Monday May 28th and we are excited to announce Dream Baskets will once again be part of the fun! This year we are hoping to get Dream Basket donations in by Friday May 12th.

Each classroom has a special theme and students are invited to donate items to help create themed baskets for our Dream Basket raffle.

What to do

  • Check the theme for your child’s/children’s classroom below
  • Send your donations to school with your child/children (donations are kept and collected from the classrooms) by May 12.

Got questions? Email

Dream Basket themes

  • Family Fun (Rooms 24, 23 & 9) – movie tickets, Restaurant / takeout gift cards, board games, puzzles, outdoor games
  • Arts & Crafts (Rooms 22, 11, & 2) – craft supplies/kit, paints, brushes, canvasses, frames, art kits, yarn, doodle kits, markers/pastels/pencil crayons/pencils, art store GC
  • Bon Appetite BBQ (Rooms 16, 14, 10, & P3) – tools, gourmet rubs, skewers, beer, napkins, variety of sauces, replacement cover, propane tank refill gift cards, variety of fine snacks, cheeses, dips, wine/beer (for those of legal age to enjoy responsibly, please drop alcohol at office), blanket, travel picnic set (plate/glassware), cutlery/utensil set
  • S.T.E.M. (Rooms 21, 6, P1 & P2) – experiment activity kits, books, microscope, magnifying glass, Lego sets
  • Book Lovers (Rooms 19, 15, 12 & 5) – bestsellers, kids and adults, and book gift certificates
  • Gift Cards Galore (Rooms 20, 7 & 3) – various gift cards from local businesses