Budget 2023-2024 – Now Accepting Proposals

Is there a program or idea you would like to champion that requires money from the school council budget to run?

Each year parents/caregivers and school staff bring forward many new ideas for the school council budget. If you are wondering how to bring more exciting learning enrichment opportunities to our school, here is your chance. This is the time!

Submit your idea for school council funding through our online budget request form (a Google form). Ideas submitted through this form will be considered for the 2023-2024 school year budget. In your submission, break down your costs and provide as much detail and reasoning for the proposal as possible. This helps the Budget Committee evaluate and weigh each idea.

Submit your ideas

Click here to complete the budget request form and submit it by May 13th.

Email ABSchoolCouncilTreasurer@gmail.com if you have questions.

For those new to the proposal process

Here is an outline of how the Adam Beck School Council budgeting process works:

  • The co-treasurers put out a call for budget submissions and people submit their ideas for the Budget Committee’s consideration.
  • The Budget Committee meets in May to evaluate all submitted proposals. Budget Committee members are School Council Executive members who have attended at least 70% of School Council meetings. 
  • The committee reviews all proposals and creates a budget that the co-treasurers present at the school council meeting in June.
  • At the June Parent Council meeting, all Executive members vote on the final budget, which will be the budget moving into the 2023-2024 school year.

Need more info? Read more about the School Council budget.