Read-a-Thon Results

We are thrilled to share the results of the 2023 Read-A-Thon! Every student who participated should be extremely proud of their personal achievement.

Students who met or exceeded the recommended minutes goal for their grade had their name put into a draw to win a $20 gift card to a favourite local business (*see further details below). In addition, for every 50 minutes above their goal, they received another entry into the draw.

The winners per classroom of the draw are:

  • P1 Mr. George – Kai P-L.
  • P2 Mr. Yablonski – Mason H.
  • P3 Mme Kneller – Jayden N.
  • Room 2 Mme Dunbar – Eve B.
  • Room 3 Mme Brand – Yara C.
  • Room 5 Mme Kudsia – Lennon G.
  • Room 6 Ms Dubelaar – Layla P.
  • Room 7 Mme Panova – Emily T.
  • Room 9 Mme Gagnon-Roy – Norah S.
  • Room 10 Mr. Siteman – Isabel E.
  • Room 11 Mr. Quance – Lachlan C.
  • Room 12 Mr. Cizar – Brody S.
  • Room 14 Ms. McDonald – Bowie C-G.
  • Room 15 Mme Annis – Lucas P.
  • Room 16 Mme Bettas-Protopapas – Norah J.
  • Room 19 Mme Swan – Keira M.
  • Room 20 Ms. Butler – Wilson R.
  • Room 21 Mme Williams – Hugh N.
  • Room 22 Mme Wald – Kaelyn S.
  • Room 23 Ms. Lipsett – Cameron S.
  • Room 24 Mrs D’Amico – Madeline D.

*We ask that all winners listed above be in touch by email at by Sunday, March 19th to tell us which $20.00 gift card you choose from the following 5 options:

1. Ella Minnow books

2. Fearless Meat

3. Prologue Cafe

4. Star Nails 

5. The Sweetest Things

We were very fortunate to be able to provide each student with a bookmark designed by a parent’s sister and printed for free by The Mail Slot on Queen Street. In addition, The Mail Slot has offered us two Read-a-thon themed t-shirts in Adam Beck Bear colours! We are awarding one each to the reader in the primary grades and junior grades who recorded the most reading minutes. The winners of the t-shirts are:

JK-Grade 3 = Wilson A. H. (Room 2)

Grade 4-6 = Kohen A. (Room 16)

Reach out to us by email at by Sunday, March 19th to provide the student’s size and we’ll distribute the t-shirts to the classroom.

Dassios Cup Winner is Mme. Bettas class with a total of 39,337 minutes! 

A few favourite books from our students:

  • Babysitters Club series
  • Percy Jackson
  • Harry Potter
  • Wings of Fire
  • Captain Underpants
  • Dog Man
  • Last Kids on Earth
  • Spiderwick

A few comments on Read-a-thon that were shared:

  • Really great way to encourage reading. (Child) loved tracking his “read time”.
  • This is the most my son has ever read!  He was excited about reading his book and tracking his minutes.
  • My son was very motivated by his first Read-a-thon month!! Thank you for organizing such a great event for the kids.
  • (Child) loved the competition. She read a lot on her own and enjoyed reading as much as she could, even when she was already sleepy, she didn’t want to stop on some days.
  • It fit well into our existing nightly routine and made us look for additional opportunities to sit and read.
  • (Child) loves reading and had a lot of fun tracking her books! A little timer helped make it easier to track alllllll those many minutes enjoying her books!
  • I absolutely loved the Read-a-thon, it was amazing. I would wake up early to read and get home every day and read a little. I loved it so much and I am sad that its over.

Congratulations, Bears!