STEM Committee Updates

Intro to Coding Classroom Visits

On Friday, December 9th, during Computer Science Education Week, Karen Smith (an Adam Beck Parent) volunteered to visit 7 primary classes (Wald, Swan, Brand, Dunbar, Butler, Dubelaar & Kudsia) to teach them an unplugged introduction to coding. The feedback from students and teachers was excellent and we are looking forward to booking Karen in again in the Spring to visit another group of classes!

Chess Instruction

The STEM Committee is excited that we were able to welcome back Strategy Games & The Chess’n Math Association to provide a series of in-person chess lessons on Thursdays this fall to Mrs Butler’s, Mme Dunbar’s and Mrs MacDonald’s classes.  Starting in January, Mr. George’s and Mme Swan’s classes have also been receiving chess instruction and have been making excellent progress! Each class will receive 9 weeks of chess instruction, which according to Canada’s National Scholastic Chess Organization, will help the students to subconsciously develop their personality, intellectual skills and strength of character – all while having fun!

STEM Career Talks

During the fall, the STEM Committee also reached out to the Adam Beck Parent/Guardian community to seek out volunteers who would be willing to speak to the Grade 4,5, & 6 classes about careers related to STEM and the response was amazing.  Adam Beck teachers of Grades 4,5 & 6 can sign up to have classroom visits from:

  • A teacher with expertise in design thinking
  • A digital accessibility excerpt
  • 2 chemical engineers
  • A technology lawyer specializing in AI
  • A neuroscience expert who runs Canada’s national AI research and training strategy
  • An exploration geologist
  • A content services consultant
  • A computer scientist
  • 2 ecologists

If you have a story to tell and related experiences to share that might help to inspire the next generation of STEM innovators, here is a link to a short survey so that we can pass along a list of volunteers to the teachers. Feel free to reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

And More!

Lastly, some next steps that the STEM Committee is busy working on behind the scenes include a 5-part coding lesson series for grade 5/6 classes and visits from Scientists in School.