STEM Updates

The STEM committee has been busy organizing some amazing opportunities for our Adam Beck Bears this Spring all thanks to the fundraising efforts of the school council!  Teachers were polled on what they felt would best meet the needs of both their program and their students and and landed on the following:


We are excited to welcome back Strategy Games  &  The Chess’n Math Association to provide a series of in-person chess lessons to both Ms. Manning’s Grade 4/5  class and Mr. George’s 3/4 class. Each class will receive 8 weeks of chess instruction, starting at the end of April, which according to Canada’s National Scholastic Chess Organization, will help the students to subconsciously develop their personality, intellectual skills and strength of character – all while having fun!

Scientists in School

The following classes are in the process of organizing potential virtual visits from Scientists in School which has been very popular in years past: Mme Brand, Ms. Kudsia, Ms. Butler, Mr. Cizar, Mme Gagnon-Roy, Mme Mignard, Ms Dubelaar, Mr Quance, Mr Di Pietro, Mme Bettas-Potopapas, Ms Williams, Ms Lipsett and Mme Pitis. Through Scientists in School, each class will participate in an engaging, hands-on,

STEM workshop!

Makedo Kits

The STEM committee is excited to share a new addition to Adam Beck – Makedo Kits!  A HUGE thank you goes out to Ashley McInnis, who made a generous donation which has been put to excellent use in helping to fund the kits. A handful of classes will receive 4 Makedo Kits, along with large, cardboard sheets which will allow students to learn through play to see the world not as it is but as it could be. These kits are a perfect addition to Adam Beck as teachers begin to think ahead to the implementation of the new Science Curriculum which has a new focus on STEM!  The kits will be delivered to Mme Wald, Mme Monk, Mr Cizar, Mme Annis, Mme Kneller, Ms Mcdonald, and M Cherif – we look forward to seeing their creations!