Terry Fox at Adam Beck

Ready, set, go! C’est parti! The 2021 Terry Fox event is underway at Adam Beck!In the coming days, students will have the opportunity to learn about this Canadian hero through morning announcements, in class and during physical education class. Discussions about the Marathon of Hope reinforce positive messages about goal setting, leadership and perseverance. It is an opportunity to demonstrate for our students how ordinary people can achieve extraordinary things. Due to COVID restrictions, we will not have a school-wide run. Instead, each class will run/walk their part of the Marathon of Hope during their regularly scheduled physical education classes. 

Students are encouraged to wear RED and WHITE on Friday, September 24th.
The Terry Fox Foundation funds innovative research into precision oncology for young people and precision medicine which takes the genetic information of patients and tumours into account to provide the right treatment at the right time for the right patient. It also funds the Marathon of Hope Cancer Centres Network, which is a collaborative platform for Canadian cancer centres to share data and apply new technologies such as genomics and AI to improve outcomes for patients. School fundraising efforts are directed to these projects.
All fundraising will take place online again this year. Please consider making a donation to the Terry Fox Foundation for cancer research using the link provided to access the Adam Beck fundraising page. The link can be shared with friends, family members or neighbours who would like to support your child’s fund raising efforts. 
Adam Beck Public School Fundraising Link: http://www.terryfox.ca/AdamBeckPSToronto

Additional information is available on the Student section of the website. 
Thank you for your support of this worthwhile charity. 
Questions? Please contact Ms Smith at kara.smith@tdsb.on.ca