2021-2022 Co-Treasurer needed!

Are you interested in keeping in touch with what’s happening at Adam Beck and getting to know the teachers and administrators? Being a co-treasurer might be the job for you.

What does a co-treasurer do? Co-treasurers manage the council’s financial transactions. The treasurers chair the Budget Committee, review and track committee-related expense claims, sign cheques, and communicate with committee leads and the executive committee. 

Is accounting experience needed? No. Anyone who is willing to learn and comfortable working with numbers can take on this role. And the co-chairs and co-treasurer will be there to support you.

Are there other requirements? Co-treasurers should be available to attend meetings and be prepared to provide regular updates on council finances. A co-treasurer must be a parent or caregiver at Adam Beck. Co-treasurers commit to a 2-year term.

Email abschoolcounciltreasurer@gmail.com or chairs@adambeckcouncil.ca for more information.