April/May 2021 Committee Updates

Visiting Artists Committee

We will be holding an online art show and auction in June to show off and auction off the canvas paintings that classes were able to complete before the school closed. About 10 classes were able to finish them, and they are gorgeous. Thank you to the teachers and classes for their amazing efforts.

Stay tuned for details and a link to the auction in June.

Garden Committee

Signs of spring! The spring bulbs at Adam Beck have made an appearance. We hope that everyone in the community has enjoyed them. You may have noticed that there is damage to the planters in the south garden by the kindie yard on Scarborough Rd. We are working with the TDSB to have them repaired.

We are accepting plant and seed donations for spring and summer planting. Please contact nataliemucciolirdh@gmail.com if you have a donation to make.

Equity Committee

The Equity committee used a PRO grant from the TDSB to bring Alexis Dawson to our April council meeting to talk about race, racism and anti-racism. We are also planning to bring a virtual Get REAL Movement workshop for all of the grade 5-6 split classes in June.