Meet the 2020-2021 School Council Officers

We’re not able to meet and greet in person as usual, but we’d like to take the time to introduce our 2020-2021 School Council Officers, and put a face to the names.

Julie Middleton, Co-Chair My name is Julie Middleton, and this is my second year as Co-Chair. I have been involved with School Council for the past 6 school years, wearing many hats including Movie Night lead, Spirit Committee lead, Secretary and Treasurer. I got involved so that I could stay informed about what was happening at the school, and then wanted to make a difference by improving transparency and communication. My kids are in SK, grade 5 and grade 8 (at Glen Ames), and this year you’ll mainly find me picking up and dropping off at the Scarborough Rd side of the school.

Jeny Nussey, Co-Chair

My name is Jeny Nussey. I have been involved with school council for some time and this is my fourth year being a co-chair. My kids are in grade 1 and grade 5. I’ve volunteered on several committees and currently lead the Visiting Artists Committee and the Partner School initiative and co-lead the Equity Committee. I started going to council meetings to keep up with what is happening at the school and because I wanted to learn how to support the public education system. If you are looking for me in the school yard, I pick up and drop off at the school door near portables 2 and 3.

Samantha North, Secretary

My name is Samantha North, and this is my third year as secretary. I joined School Council because with a full-time job outside the home it was a great way to learn (with minimal effort) what’s going on at the school. My favourite events are the Holiday Party, Night on the Beach and my kids have loved seeing me behind the back table at Movie Night. I have a daughter in grade 5 and a son in grade 1 and as I continue to do my job in book publishing from home, you will see me running to drop-off and pick-up every day.

Matt Gowing, Co-Treasurer My name is Matt Gowing and have been co-treasurer since September 2019. I have 2 kids at Adam Beck and volunteered to be co-treasurer because I thought it was a great opportunity to volunteer, and contribute to the school community

Jeff Jay, Co-Treasurer My name is Jeff Jay and I am a Parent Council co-treasurer.  I’d been involved in parent council for the past three years and have been treasurer for the last two.  My two daughters are in SK and grade 2.  It is important, to me, to be involved as it would help me stay connected with the school and allow me to gain a broader perspective on how certain aspects of the school come together.  With a background in finance, I felt the treasurer role was the best fit for me.  I can be reached through email and, periodically, be found during drop off on the Scarborough Rd side of the school or by the third portable.