How to Protect your Immunity

Protecting our immune systems has never been such an important subject as it is today in our current climate. Beyond washing our hands and wearing masks, how else can you improve and strengthen your immune system???

We are pleased to invite parents and caregivers to a presentation by Dr. Mary Choi, Naturopathic Doctor and mother to four. Dr Mary will share natural nutrition, lifestyle, and herbal strategies to keep you and your children well during the cold and flu season. 

The presentation will take place online on Thursday, October 22 at 6:30pm, in combination with our October school council meeting and will cover:

  • Your immune system and what makes it susceptible to infections
  • How our digestion and stress play a role in our immunity 
  • Learn tips that you can implement at home to improve everyone’s wellness  
  • Top vitamins and botanicals to support your immune system 
  • Q&A 

About Dr Mary Choi

For over a decade, Dr. Mary Choi has been transforming thousands of lives using Natural Mind-Body Medicine as a Naturopathic Doctor, wellness coach, speaker, and entrepreneur. She had supported thousands of people to lose weight successfully, transform their relationship with food, heal digestion and anxiety, and successfully reach and sustain their wellness goals.  She received her training in Health Sciences at Western Ontario and completed her Naturopathic Medicine degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. She has been recognized countless times as a leader in her industry and awarded the recognition of valedictorian of almost every graduating class since she was a child. 

Dr. Mary is the clinic director and creator of Soma and Soul Wellness, an integrative medicine clinic located in the Toronto, Beaches.   When she is not in the clinic, she is a wife, and mother to four young children, a movement and yoga advocate, and creating a cookbook.  She is passionate about serving others to achieve their best selves – from her family and beyond.