Council Budget Ideas

Do you have a program or idea that you would like to champion that requires money from the School Council Budget to run?

We are starting to plan for our 2020-2021 School Council Budget.  Each year there are lots of new ideas brought forward and many wonder how to bring these exciting opportunities to our school.  This budget cycle may be a bit different because of the uncertainty created by COVID-19. But if you have an idea for next year’s budget, this is still your chance to share it!

 For those new to the proposal process, here is a very basic Adam Beck School Council Budget 101:

  • The Budget Committee is made up of volunteers from the School Council Executive and they will be meeting in the near future to evaluate all submitted proposals.
  • The Committee will review all proposals and create a budget that is presented either during our last school parent council meeting for this school year, or at a follow-up meeting.
  • At that time all Executive members will be able to vote on the final budget, which will be the budget for the 2020-2021 school year.
  • In order to be a member of the Budget Committee, School Council Executive members must have attended at least 4 School Council meetings. 

We encourage you to break down your costs and provide as much detail and reasoning for the proposal so that the budget committee can properly evaluate and weigh each idea.  

Please click here to complete the budget request. Please email with any questions.

You may also contact for more information.

Read more about the School Council budget.

Thank you in advance.

Jeff Jay and Matt Gowing


Adam Beck Jr PS School Council