Optional: End-of year gifts for teachers who teach many classes

At this time of year, many of us wish to thank our teachers with a little token of appreciation. While it is easier to do this with classroom teachers, it is trickier with those who teach everyone. As in past years, this year we will arrange to collect and pool voluntary contributions to buy gifts cards for those teachers. 

THIS IS OPTIONAL. If you do not wish to take part, please ignore the rest of this information.

The teachers we are collecting for are:

Jennifer Hillier-Hu – Kindergarten rotary teacher

Adam Mason – Integrated Arts

Olga Panova – Library and Computers (ICT)

Colin Sinclair – Phys. Ed

Kara Smith – Phys. Ed

Shelley Zorzit – Core French

We recommend a $5 contribution per student, per teacher. But the amount you contribute and which teacher gift you contribute to is up to you. Please put the money into well-marked envelopes (use separate envelopes for each teacher, if you contribute for more than one).  

You may contribute in one of the following ways:

  1. Submit your well-marked envelope(s) to the office.
  2. Have your child give the envelope(s) to their classroom teacher, who will submit to the office.
  3. Find parent Jeny Nussey or Karen McMullin in the school yard and give them the envelope(s).

Make sure the following are legibly written on the outside of each envelope:

  • Name of the TEACHER you would like the contribution to go to,
  • Name of your CHILD as well as grade and classroom # (we will include your child’s name in the thank-you card that goes to the teacher)
    • If your contribution is from more than one child, please make sure each child’s name, class and grade are written on the envelope. 

Contributions will be accepted until the end of MONDAY, JUNE 24

Please contact co-chairs Jeny and Karen directly at chairs@adambeckcoucil.ca if you have any questions. Do not contact the office with questions or concerns – we want to minimize the work of the office staff at this busy time of year.