STEM workshop

On Thursday May 16, 2019 the Adam Beck School Council sponsored the  University of Toronto Engineering Students to host our annual STEM workshop day for grade 3-6.

The goals of their leadership workshops are to introduce participants to concepts in the sciences and engineering, while integrating elements of engineering design, leadership and peer support. These considerations are important to those interested in pursuing STEM at the post-secondary level, for developing STEM literacy, and in contributing to self-actualization in any setting.

These workshops connect engineering to the three overall expectations of the science program in Ontario:

1. to relate science and technology to society and the environment

2. to develop the skills, strategies, and habits of mind required for scientific and technological problem solving

3. to understand the basic concepts of science and technology

These workshops also draw on Ministry guidelines for Leadership and Peer Support (GPP3O) to explore group dynamics, interpersonal relations, and communication, values, problem-solving and decision-making skills. 4

Some of the topics chosen by the teachers were “Slime competition, Alarm systems, Rocket Science and Forensic Fun to name a few.  There was a lot of excitement and fun to be had by all.