Night on the Upper Beach Kids Art

The highlight of this year’s Night on the Upper Beach was most definitely the kids art auction. Each classroom did an amazing job creating a unique piece of art, and we are so thrilled to share them with you. If you missed out on the Night on the Upper Beach kids art auction, we have you covered! We will be selling 6×8” prints of the art work for $10 each via School Cash Online. Watch for the email to let you know that sales are open – they will be available for sale until Thursday, April 18th. Questions? Email

Rm 6 Quance, Rm 5 Jones, Rm 2 Butler

Rm 20 Monk, Rm 4 Sickinger, P1 Charest, Rm 10 Ilias, P2 Cherif

Rm 23 Lipsett, Rm 24 Kudsia, Rm 21 Gagnon-Roy

Rm 7 D’Amico, Rm 16 Bettas, Rm 3 Brand, Rm 15 Orloff

Rm 19 Zaimi, Rm 9 Bruce, Rm 14 Bines, Rm 11 Nason

Teachers!, Rm 8 McDonald, Rm 22 Dunbar, Rm 12 Cizar