Hot Lunch Update – Jan 16

By: Melanie Zettler

RR Kids Lunch will gradually introduce non-toxic, biodegradable packaging starting TOMORROW.  This will begin with forks this week. The RR Kids Lunch team believes the full complement of biodegradable cups, bowls, napkins, and wrappers will be implemented by February 7th, when they will incorporate the slight price change.  

In addition, starting tomorrow, there will be a logistical change in the gym.  The caretaking staff member has expressed issues/concerns over what has been described as an increased amount of garbage left by the kids on Hot Lunch days.  Starting tomorrow, lunch tables will be assigned by class. This way, the RR Kids lunch team will not need to organize lunches on tables at the front of the gym – that took up more space.  This plan should give room to the caretaker to do his thing. Please remind your kiddos that they are responsible for the proper disposal of their lunch items.

While optional, the Hot Lunch program continues to see very high participation.  A reminder to place your weekly orders by Tuesdays at midnight OR you can order/pay for a month(s) at a time.