Hot Lunch going GREEN

By:  Melanie Zettler

Rose Reisman’s Hot Lunch is going GREEN in a HUGE way!  I am super excited to announce that starting as soon as next week, almost all of the Kids Lunch packaging will be biodegradable/compostable/sustainable! 

These packaging products come from certified manufacturers.  The certification stands for no processed material containing harmful chemicals, no chlorine or petroleum.  I spoke to the founder/president of the packaging supply company to verify some of the materials used.   The new smoothie cups and side veggie/fruit containers for example, are made from a vegetable material.  Plastic wrap will be replaced with paper sandwich wrap.  Twist ties will be eliminated in favour of heat sealing.  This change also goes for salad containers, napkins, straws and cutlery etc.,  The new packaging will likely be implemented by next Thursday’s lunch service. 

With these changes, Rose Reisman says her Kids Lunch program will be 90% biodegradable/compostable.  The oven-safe containers (currently recyclable aluminum) are still being investigated. 

 To offset the additional packaging costs, Rose Reisman Catering will incorporate a .25 cent price increase on each single lunch ordered.  This slight price adjustment will be factored in as soon as the new packaging is ready to go. 

More information to come soon!

Melanie Z