Friday December 14th is the last day!

Dear Families,
The deadline to donate to our Adopt-a-Family Initiative is quickly approaching.  Friday December 14th is our last day to collect items.   We will then be delivering to our families shortly thereafter, and we will need time to pick up any missing items.

There are still over 130 tag items that need to be returned to the school. 

This year we are supporting 4 families:

Our first family is a single mother with two children ages 11 and 15. The 11 year old daughter loves knitting and crafts and the 15 year old son is into his music and car mechanics. The whole family could really benefit from new bedding.

Our second family is a single mother with three children ages 3,7 and 9. The oldest is into LOL dolls and slime. The 7 year old would love a ukulele and the three year old loves Peppa Pig. Mom could use some new oven mitts.

Our third family has two daughters. The oldest loves slime and makeup and the youngest is really into LOL dolls. Their dog needs a new leash and some bones.

Our last family has four children. The oldest is interested in soldering and would like a Buddha board. The second child is into cooking and rock climbing. The younger two girls love drawing, crafts and Calico Critters. The family would love some passes to go to the movies.

If you have taken an ornament tag and have not been able to purchase the gift then please send an email to Amanda or Melanie at:

Thank you for your generosity and support!

Happy Holidays!

The Spirit Committee