December Hot Lunch Update

-Over the last two weeks, a handful of ordered lunches were not picked up – mostly due to child absences.  Parents can only receive a credit on their account if they cancel their child’s lunch by 8am on Hot Lunch Day.  After 8am, the lunches will have already been prepared and accounted for.

-Remind your child to first check the side pockets for cold items BEFORE they dig in for the main meal.

-If a child is missing a condiment from their bag, simply approach a RR team member/driver who will make it right.

-Rose Reisman Catering is looking into a biodegradable option for forks and spoons.  In the meantime, the Adam Beck Eco-Committee, Parent Council and School Administration will investigate the idea of purchasing Stainless Steel/reusable cutlery that will remain at school for Hot Lunch days.  We are looking into safe handling and storage of these utensils in accordance with Public Health to see if we can manage this.  More to come!