Hot Lunch Update: Week 3

~It was a smoother lunch distribution last week after organizing lunch bags by classroom as opposed to grade.

~We are still working on making sure we have a full list for kids attending lunch clubs. One of those clubs is the Eco club and 2 of the eco club teachers/leaders have raised some concerns over the lunch containers used. To that end:

~the RR team will create diagrams for the various packaging that will be placed on the disposal bins. Please remind your child to be mindful of proper disposal. These bins are then taken back with the RR team for recycling, disposal and compost.

~families who wish to try sending their kids with reusable cutlery from home may do so! Just make sure your kids remember to send their lunch bag with their classroom lunch bin so they can retrieve their own cutlery. Should kids receive plastic cutlery they don’t want or need, they should return the unopened pouch to a member of the RR team.

~lunches that use/require a bit more packaging include the Butter Chicken and the Sliders. There are reasons for this. Through experience, the RR team has observed leaking of the juices from the sliders so, they use a foil wrap around the sliders and then that is placed in recyclable aluminum containers. 

~it’s important to note that school administration, parent council and parents had always been a part of the discussion/consultation ….as well as, informed on the 2 lunch options: buffet style (little waste) and packaged lunches (produces some waste).  For logistical and inclusivity reasons, the packaged lunch was the way to go for Adam Beck.


If parents have specific questions/concerns about the Hot Lunch Menu or service, they can email: