School Cash Online – AGENDAS (Gr. 1 – 6) – Adam Beck Jr. PS – 2018/2019

Student Agendas

Students from Grades 1-6 at Adam Beck P.S. are expected to have and use a Student Agenda.  Teacher will be instructing on it’s use and will ask them to keep the planner with them throughout the day.  The planner is an organizational aid designed to assist students.  It enables them to record daily assignments and homework, note reminders and times for co-curricular activities.  It aids in the development of good work habits and helps students to manage their time efficiently.  Furthermore, the agenda provides a simple and effective channel of communication between school and home.  It also allows parents to follow their child’s progress on a daily basis.  Please review the agenda with your child daily and sign it regularly to indicate you have read the contents.

You will need to send an $8.00 payment using Student Cash Online to cover the partial cost of the agenda.

Follow the below link to get started: