Be a Web Wizard – volunteer to manage our website!

Looking for an awesome way to engage with your kid’s school? Want to be a superhero in their – and every other parent’s – eyes? Look no further.

Adam Beck School Council is looking for one or more volunteer administrator(s) for the school council’s WordPress website www.adambeckcouncil.caThe newly re-launched website is a repository of information and a tool that’s deemed extremely useful by parents. Sadly, I will have to retire from this very rewarding role as my son is moving to another school next year.

First and foremost, this is NOT a super-complicated, IT-type of role. No coding is required. If you’re a reasonably tech-savvy, detail-oriented person who enjoys writing, then this opportunity is for you. Prior experience with WordPress is an asset but not a must (I knew almost nothing when I started and learned it “on the job”).

What you need to do?

Keep an eye on all communications from the office and school council (emails, flyers in the kids’ agendas, annual school calendar, principal’s newsletter, school council newsletters, Facebook pages, etc.) and turn them into calendar events and/or short news articles.

What else you could do?

The sky is the limit! Let your creative juices flow to make the website better.

What will you get out of it?

You will help Adam Beck parents stay on top of school events and programs and make it easy for them to engage – that is no small feat! You will learn about and share the amazing ways in which parents come together to enhance the school experience of our children and help build this fantastic community. You will get to know amazing people and make new friends. You will have fun and feel good about yourself. Plus, you will score points with your kid(s)…

You will get all the help you need

I’ll pass all my knowledge, information, tips and tricks with you and assist throughout the transition.

If you are interested in this role or would like more info, please email me at or school council co-chairs at  Thanks!!

Cristina Toporas