2018-2019 Adam Beck School Organization

We are finally coming close to the point in the school year where we have firmed up our staff and staffing assignments for next year. Please keep in mind that re-organization is always possible in September should our student population increase or decrease. The assignments listed here are based on our June student numbers. If the placement that appears on your child’s Report Card should change in September you will be notified as soon as possible. Please note that the class your child has been assigned to is a firm decision that took into account many factors including the importance of balancing our classes by gender, social and academic strengths and needs. New families to Adam Beck will receive and email informing them of their child’s class assignment in the next week.

Office & Caretaking
Principal Kent Yee
Vice Principal Lola Scenna
Office Administrator Michelle Defazio
Secretary (am ) Margie DiCroce
Greg Mills Chief Caretaker
Ken Kingston Evening Caretaker
Nick Epitropou Evening Caretaker

Room 7 Full Day Kindergarten JK/SK Joanna D’Amico & Azra Merchant
Room 8 Full Day Kindergarten JK/SK Jane McDonald & Sadia Shafiq
Room 23 Full Day Kindergarten JK/SK Lori Lipsett & Dimetra Lazaridis
Room 24 Full Day Kindergarten JK/SK Shari Kudsia & Camille Norman

Room 2 Grade 1 Barbara Butler
Room 4 Grade 1/2 Karen Sickinger
Room 6 Grade 2/3 Brett Quance
Room 11 Grade 3/4 Alison Nason
Room 12 Grade 4/5 Sean Cizar
Room 14 Grade 5 Jarrod Bines
Room 15 Grade 5/6 Marie Orloff

French Immersion
Room 5 Full Day Kindergarten SK Heather Jones & Lili Kadima
Room 9 Full Day Kindergarten SK Dominique Bruce & Kelly Dale

Room 3 Grade 1 Micaela Brand
Room 21 Grade 1/2 Angele Gagnon-Roy
Room 22 Grade 1/2 Emily Dunbar
Room 19 Grade 2/3 Zerina Zaimi
Room 20 Grade 2/3 Karen Coude
P1 Grade 4 Francoise Charest
P2 Grade 3/4 T.B.A.
Room 10 Grade 5/6 George Abd El Sayed
Room 16 Grade 5/6 Maria Bettas-Protopapas

Rotary Subjects
0.5 Core French Shelly Zorzit
0.5 Library Olga Panova
0.5 Kindergarten Prep Jennifer Hillier-Hu
0.5 FI Physical Education Colin Currie-Sinclair
1.0 Physical Education Kara Smith
1.0 Integrated Arts Adam Mason

Special Education
0.5 Home School Program Marc Volpato
0.5 Resource Shelly Zorzit
0.5 Methods & Resource Marc Volpato