Let’s Talk Science at Adam Beck

Friday May 18 was STEM time at Adam Beck. Organized and funded by School Council, 12 grade 3-6 classes participated in University of Toronto’s  Let’s Talk Science workshops. U of T engineering students worked with Adam Beck students on a wide variety of activities tailored to each grade: Forensic Fun, Indy 500, Creature Creation, Roller Coaster, Rocket Science, Slime and Polymers and Hydraulic Hijinks.

A grade 3 student who participated in Creature Creation shared how they built a functioning bird beak!

We had to build a bird beak that actually works! We used Styrofoam, paper cups, plastic utensils, elastic bands, markers. We had to build a  bird beak that can pick up marbles, beads and big clumps of crumpled tissue paper.  We had to find a way to put it all together and keep it all together and make it work without putting the bead in the bird’s mouth with your hand.

Here are some of the students’ awesome projects: